Implementation of Millennium Development Goals
Creating sound frameworks and protecting human rights

Dr. Gabriele Kotschau, Director General of the Council of the Baltic Sea State Secretariat, speak at the summit.
The host, Susan Zipp, Co-Chair of Global People Assembly, interacting with the participants
On behalf of over 10,000 families, the volunteer of the Summit, Mr.Tang, Tsun-Yu, share a personal story at the summit.

How do non governmental organizations facilitate the implementation of millennium development goals in the face of global financial crisis? The 2010 World Summit on Human Rights for World Citizens was held at 6:30pm on August 31 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Melbourne , Australia , jointly by UN/NGO Association of World Citizens, Federation of World Peace and Love and Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy. The Summit was attended by more than 100 participants from diverse countries to discuss and share the experiences of NGO actions in achieving MDGs.

In the opening remarks, Dr. Hong said only with sound legal framework to protect human rights can the world march towards the path to global health. He analyzed the willingness of people paying taxes with expectations of government protecting the rights of the national citizens and advocated national governments to learn from history, not repeating the mistakes of ruins from unjust taxation and poor governance. Dr. Sorosh Roshan, President of International Health Awareness Network, an Iranian, shared the deep aspirations for peace from her personal experiences of suffering from the misery of wars. Dr. Gabriele Kotschau, Director General of the Council of the Baltic Sea State Secretariat, a German, emphasized the importance of environmental protection and sustainability. Dr. S. L. Gandhi, International President of Anuvrat Global Organization, an Indian, used a story of Buddha to encourage participants to face adversity with courage and positive attitude. The 2010 World Summit on Human Rights for World Citizens provides a platform for NGOs to facilitate discussion and communication to advance a better tomorrow for all.

The Bell of Peace was in Sydney Olympics in 2000. The Bell comes back to Australia again after a decade. A total of 40 bell-ringers in 3 days, including UN ambassadors, NGO chairpersons and conference speakers, have rung the Bell to consolidate good thoughts and positive energies for world peace and stability. Dr. Hong mentioned in his speech that humanity is in a dire situation in the 21 century because of economic uncertainty, anxiety, and depression. And the world is suffering from countless disasters and man-made catastrophes with tens of thousands of people killed in a split second. As of today, a total of 192 bell-ringers from more than 60 nations, including heads of stats and world leaders, have rung the Bell with sincere prayers for peace with aims to turning the world for the better.

NGO members exchanged ideas and shared with each other. A volunteer, Mr. Tang Chun-Yo, deeply touched by Dr. Hong ' s article and the sharing of speakers, took the stage and shared his personal experiences. He filed charges against abuse of government power on behalf of many other families suffering from government violence. He hoped that every person, rich or poor, and every world citizen, whether he is from a UN member state or not, should have his rights equally protected under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. His sharing received wide recognitions and applauds from the audience. The Tai Ji Men Cultural Goodwill Group delivered cultural performance of peacock dance and energy dance. A video of Tiger ' s Wish was also played to share with audience the tiger ' s wishes in the face of living crisis.

During the 63 rd UN DPI/NGO Annual Conference, Association of World Citizens, Federation of World Peace and Love, and Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy have held 10 Seminars of Human Rights for World Citizens and the ceremony of ringing the Bell of Peace. It is expected world people will work collectively to protect human rights, safeguard the earth and promote peace and the aspiration will spread across the universe through the reverberating sound of the Bell of Peace.

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