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Promoting the Culture of Peace with Love and Conscience

Join us to celebrate the 3rd International Day of Conscience.

Let us follow our conscience; the lighthouse of our souls!

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You are welcome to share your inspirational stories of being guided by conscience.

Please submit your story to icday@fowpal.org via writing, video, art or animation. We look forward to your submission!

April 5 is the International Day of Conscience, a day of conscience for all humanity! Only conscience can save our world!


April 5, 2020 marks the first International Day of Conscience, which is a United Nations day.

Global citizens are encouraged to observe the day by sending to one another messages about International Day of Conscience, taking a moment of peace to self-reflect, doing good deeds, and endorsing the Declaration of International Day of Conscience on www.icday.org. People are cordially invited to share their articles or videos about conscience on www.icday.org or on FB, IG, or Twitter (#InternationalConscienceDay).


In recent years, the youth has become the driving force for social changes. The 20th International Conference of Chief Justice of the world aimed at the topic of creating a better environment for next generation. Dr.Hong, president of Fowpal, also pointed out that the key to changing our future is conscience education.


Promoting the Culture of Peace with Love and Conscience

UN Declares 5 April the International Day of Conscience

|  Oct. 10, 2019  |  Grand Hotel Wien, Vienna, Austria