Federation of World Peace and Love

H.H. Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa
Deputy Prime Minister of Bahrain

I hope year 2019 year of peace.

Hon. Mr. Justice Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona O.R.T.T S.C. LLD (HON)
Fifth President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (2013-2018)

Peace will descend on this Earth when leaders lead by good example when honest service leadership trumps power leadership and when compassion mercy, forgiveness and love are embraced by those who are found in the corridors of power. We seek a better world and the progressive change we seek are to be found in the classrooms of the world. We are not very good at resolving conflict and discord. Mediation must therefore be an integral component of every curricula in every school. We must therefore encourage and nurture every child to be messengers of peace and love and hopefully our future leaders would become peacemakers.

Dr. Abdul Baseer Anwar
Minister of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

I invite all mankind for peace and security so that we live a life of mutual respect alongside each other where there is no preference and distinction and the public rights are observed without a sense of superiority, for peace and tranquility on the planet earth.

Hon. Mr. Justice Antoine Kesia-Mbe Mindua
International Criminal Court

I wish a universal justice for our globalized world. I wish a true respect of the rule of law which is a means of preventing globalized wars and International crimes.

H.E. Ms. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim
President of the Republic of Mauritius (2015 – 2018)

Be the change, you want to see in the world -M. Gandhi. Let us all become agents of change towards the betterment of the world and bring peace and prosperity to one and all

Her Royal Excellency Dr. Mom Luang Rajadarasri Jayankura
Founder, Her Serene Highness Princess Chaliyao Varnamala Jayankura & His Serene Highness Prince Visesh Sakdi Jayankura Foundation

From this moment, my wish for everyone to live in peace, happiness, good health and abundance in everyone's life. One world one  love

H.E. Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al Gheilani
Ambassador of The Permanent Observer Mission of the Gulf Cooperation Council to the United Nations in Vienna

I wish that the world will become a better place to live on.

H.E. Mrs. Maria Cleofe NATIVIDAD
Ambassador of Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines to the Republic of Austria,Vienna

For peace, albeit elusive that we will all strive to achieve for human kind. 

H.E. Mokhtar Naoun
Alternate Ambassador of Embassy of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria to the Republic of Austria,Vienna

Meillews voeux pour un veritoble vivre ensemble en Paix.

Dr. Werner Fasslabend
President of Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES)

Freedom for the people all over the world without war!

Mr. Ernst Woller
First President of the Vienna Provincial Parliament

May the sound of this bell encourage all of us to carry love and solidarity into our fields of work and living and spread from there around the world, especially to those who are in greatest need of it. 

H.H. Prince Bernard Ndouga von Kamerun
Republic of Cameroon

My best wishes: All truly live together in peace.

H.E. Mrs. Roxanna de los Santos de Piantini
Alternate Ambassador of Embassy of the Dominican Republic to the Republic of Austria,Vienna

1. I wish peace for all over the world today, tomorrow and forever.
2. I wish peace for the Dominican Republic for all over the world and to the universe today, tomorrow and forever.

H.E. Dr. Hassan WARIO
Ambassador of Embassy/Permanent Mission of the Republic of Kenya to the United Nations and the International Organisations in Vienna

I wish that love and peace spread all over the world, to all the children.

H.E. Mr. San Lwin
Ambassador of Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to the Republic of Austria,Vienna

If there is love, there will be real peace. When you make peace with yourself, you make peace with the world. Wish you keep the peace within yourself.

H.E. Mr. Paul Shihengo
Deputy Ambassador of Embassy of the Republic of Namibia to the Republic of Austria,Vienna

I wish the world to continue enjoying peace and love.

Dr. Babafemi A. Badejo
Founder/CEO of Yintab Strategy Consults

I wish the entire world love that result in peace everywhere and especially in the Middle East among all adversaries and no more tensions and wars.

H.E. Mr. Teburoro Tito
Ambassador of the Republic of Kiribati to the United Nations

I wish that the whole world and all the multiethic population live happily and peacefully by each other without any conflict, racism, or wars.

Mr. Hatem Abdulhameed Hatem
Secondary Secretary of the Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United Nations

I sincerely wish that life in every human beings is filled with love which can be shared freely and easily with others.

H.E. Fatima Kyari Mohammed
Ambassador of the African Union to the UN

A world where every person, no matter where they come from can live in peace and dignity, where all peoples will live in harmony and there is equal access and opportunities for all.

H.E. Mr. Nazifullah Salarzai
Deputy Permanent Representative of Permanent Mission of Afghanistan to the United Nations

Having come from a country like Afghanistan. Peace means to us no more bloodshed, no more deaths. To us it's a situation where we can love without fear of losing our loved ones.

Dr. Amee Yajnik
Leader of the Indian National Congress in the state of Gujarat

I wish every human being would be a champion of peace and love and collectively we could make this world a beautiful place to live in.

Professor Anna Tibaijuka
Former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations

May God Almighty help us to love all and serve all for peace and prosperity.

Amb. Dr. Eng. Nagwa Gadaheldam
Senior Presidential Advisor, State House, Uganda

I wish the world will be free from violence against women and children. The world will be enjoying Peace and Prosperity.

Mr. Julio B. Pujols
Counselor of Permanent Mission of the Dominican Republic to the United Nations

I hope for a world with no maladies, no weapons of mass destruction and for love and peace spread around the world. The evil dispear from earth for the happiness of all the world. 

H.E. Mr. Waheed Mubarak Sayyar
Undersecretary of the the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Regional and GCC Affairs, Kingdom of Bahrain

Peace and Love 
For all the World