Federation of World Peace and Love

Todd W. Howeth Attorney, Ventura, California USA
Bernard Henry, Press Officer of the Office to the UN, Geneva, Association of World Citizens, France
Hsu, Wei Chen ,FOWPAL Member
Dr. Hung, Chao-Kuei,Associate Professor, Chaoyang University of Technology,Taiwan
Ms. Wahu Kaara, 2005 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Executive Director of the Kenya Debt Relief Network, Kenya
Shulamith Koenig ,PDHRE, People's Movement for Human Rights Learning Recipient of the 2003 UN Human Rights Award, USA
Shulamith Koenig, Founding President PDHRE, People’s Movement for Human Rights Learning,USA
Shulamith Koenig,Recipient of the 2003 UN Human Rights Award, PDHRE,USA
Mario Paul Luna, Director OIC-Community Extension Services University of Zamboanga Zamboanga City,Philippines
Charles Mercieca, Ph.D., President International Association of Educators for World Peace Dedicated to United Nations Goals of Peace Education, Environmental Protection, Human Rights & Disarmament Professor Emeritus, Alabama A&M University, USA