Federation of World Peace and Love

2012 World Summit of Love and Peace on Sustainable Development
- Proactive Actions of Responsible World Citizens for
Global Sustainability
“The power of heart in response to the calling from nature”

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze
Chairman and Executive Director of 2012 World Summit of Love and Peace
Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men
President of Federation of World Peace and Love
Honorary Vice-President and member of Advisory Board of
Association of World Citizens UN/NGO/DPI/ECOSOC
June 19, 2012


We can never emphasize enough the power of heart; the bigger the heart, the stronger the power. We can only receive respect if we respect ourselves. At the time when every race and nation is demonstrating the values of their own cultures so as to avoid being forgotten, it is imperative to understand our own culture. The crusader of cultural inheritance preserves and passes down culture with his/her life. It is the power of heart that makes him/her strong and capable. We don’t have to aggressively sell our own culture. Application of modern information technology is one way to get connected with the globe and to unveil the beautiful world of ancient cultures otherwise shrouded in mystery. An alternative presentation will demonstrate this ancient wisdom.

Only nature has survived thousands of years to witness the decline and collapse of civilizations and continues to safeguard life. Not a single human being can live without a piece of land. In the time when everyone is pursuing incessant progress, we will inevitably confront attrition and a crisis of humanity. As a person who shoulders the responsibility of carrying forward the ancient wisdom of Tai Ji yin-yang philosophy, I would not want to see the collapse of human civilizations. The trend of the times has brought me here. It is my duty to spread the energy of Tai Ji wisdom and to urge the purification of mundane hearts as a process to achieve heavenly hearts. The land needs thousands of years of rest to raise humankind and support our progressing civilization. We have misinterpreted the messages from the Earth as we fight to expand the living space of mankind.

Nature has its own mechanism to balance itself; human beings are breaking the mechanism. The light of wisdom from ancient sages will guide us to find the integration and communication we need to deal with the chaos and stay alert to the illusion of technological advancement. It lights up the path to sustainable development for all mankind. A positive paradigm shift or long-term structural change in the thinking process is necessary.

A paradigm shift can better help us to see the changing world and to seize more opportunities. We will be able to get a good command of the true pulse of the community and society and to utilize this command as a driving force to facilitate sustainable development when we are grasping the pulse of the paradigm shift. Simply put, it involves the change from the popular thinking of “Man’s determination will conquer nature.” to the new paradigm of “All creatures follow the rule of nature and the origins of the universe and mankind are one.” To achieve the state of “perfect harmony of human and Heaven” requires collective efforts to make this paradigm shift seamless.