Federation of World Peace and Love

Call for Global Action

Awakening of Conscience for A Sustainable World


Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze
Vice-President of Association of World Citizens
President of the Federation of World Peace and Love
Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men
September 20, 2017

  From the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), "sustainable development" is the most important topic of the United Nations in the last two decades. However, decades have passed and the continued existence of humanity is at unprecedented risk. Abnormal climate patterns have caused widespread natural disasters. The recent launches of nuclear missiles by North Korea have pushed the world a step closer to the holocaust from destructive weapons. The rapid development of artificial intelligence has worried some that people may sooner or later be replaced by technology. “Sustainability” is no longer just an agenda in conferences, but a subject that every world citizen on Earth must face seriously. The world cannot wait any longer. At this critical moment, it is of great urgency to take collaborative global actions.

  The Earth and the ecosystem within it is our common living space. Maintaining the balance between economic development and Mother Nature is the key to the continued existence of humankind. Since the establishment of the Millennium Development Goals, a lot of efforts have been made by the United Nations, its member States and volunteering NGOs to solve the existing problems such as poverty, greenhouse gas emissions, lack of health care, unaffordable and inaccessible education, poor human rights protection and uncoordinated international cooperation. However, new problems keep emerging while old problems remain unresolved. In the fight for our own continued existence, we have found ourselves taking one step forward only to take two steps back.

  At this race against time, we should be more proactive in the face of chaos and imminent danger, instead of being anxious or fearful. A small spark can start a great fire. It’s like the Yin Yang totem. The white dot in the middle of black is the slim light of hope not engulfed by the darkness. The small light in the dark points the direction which we should travel to turn around the world and to reach the land of sustainable development.

  "The only solution lies at the source of the problem." If we can all take a moment to calm our mind and re-visit the problems we are facing, with an open heart and sincerity, we will realize the solution to the seemingly chaotic phenomenon lies in our hearts. If we all can treat Mother Nature with respect and gratitude, we will appreciate our resources properly just like in the Eastern ancient saying: "if we entering the mountain to cut down the trees with an ax according to the season, then the wood will be inexhaustible." If we can all treat everyone with respect and compassion, conflicts arising from disagreements will be drastically reduced. The concept is equally applicable in inter-personal and international relations. If we uphold humility and contentment, and deny greed as a guiding principle, development of science and technologies will not exceed human’s ability to keep it in check and risks of unsolvable crises can be defused. At the core of the world's sustainability lies people’s "conscience."

  How can conscience be awakened? Conscience has always existed in everyone's heart. It is the ultimate source of all good intentions. It all depends on if one is able to resist outside temptations and instead listen to and follow the calls of one’s conscience. Since the launch of the Movement of An Era of Conscience in 2014, 197 nations have participated, showing that more and more people are aware of the importance of conscience and are willing to spread "good intentions, good words, and good actions". Through words, social media, and education, you and I can pass along this positive energy. The continuation of this butterfly effect is essential to our world today. The energy field is dynamic and mutually influential. Every awakened conscience is a light of hope, which together can illuminate the world. The escalating number of good people and positive actions can alter the energy field and turn the world around for the better.

  Living a happy life is the common aspiration of all humanity. And we actually hold the key to a life of happiness. Every individual has a role to play in safeguarding the planet and we should play it well. A regime of respecting human rights and for the people will be developed out of the conscience of the state leader. Circles of positive and kind energies will be created to benefit everyone when all of us act according to our conscience.

  Citizens of this global village cannot separate themselves from this communal world. Our common destinies are to be glued by world peace. Achieving the sustainable development goals relies on global cooperation and active participation of governments, civil societies, and the United Nations. The world's sustainable development is not only the responsibility of the United Nations, a few powerful countries, or heads of states, but the shared responsibility of all mankind. Today, we are not fighting against one another. We are fighting for humanity, for a better and more beautiful world with joining forces from people with the same aspirations.

  So start now and take actions! Legends and history have recorded the stories of prophets and leaders leading people to overcome challenges and difficulties with faith, love, and perseverance. Today, you and I can all be the one with love, courage and action to make a difference. We have the full dedication to the people after seeing the sufferings in the world. And we have the courage to insist on doing the right things. Only when every world citizen is marching toward the common goal of goodness and conscience with passion, dedication and courage will a world of love, peace and sustainability be possible.

Awakening of conscience achieves a sustainable world.

Global actions never stop.