Federation of World Peace and Love

Global Launch of the International Day of Conscience
Conscience Guides Humanity onto the Path to Harmony and Truth

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze
President of Federation of World Peace and Love


Thank you for attending the global launch of the International Day of Conscience. Continuing the momentum of FOWPAL’s initiation of the global endorsement campaign for the Declaration of International Day of Conscience” at the United Nations in New York on February 5 this year, we are pleased to gather at the United Nations in Vienna to officially proclaim April 5 as the International Day of Conscience. I am grateful for the Kingdom of Bahrain’s tremendous effort and support, which made today possible. Today is a day worth commemorating. Everyone with us today serves as representatives of your countries, witnessing this historic moment as we demonstrate our determination to take actions to promote love and peace of the world.

FOWPAL firmly believes that conscience is the wellspring of love and peace and the foundation of positive human development and social change. We have continued to advocate the importance of “promoting the culture of peace with love and conscience.” Changes in human society, economic development, and technological advances all have impacts on global sustainability, and vice versa. Through the analysis of past experiences and the reasons for natural disasters, world citizens have gradually come to realize that long-term and holistic development plans are necessary if we wish to achieve global sustainability and that only through wisely practicing sustainable living can sustainable development become possible. In this fast-changing era, the most important issue is to awaken people’s conscience and educate their hearts. Conscience can allow people to clear their heads and gain insight into what is happening in the world as well as to bravely do what they should do at the right time, in the right place, and with the right people.

It is very significant to officially proclaim the International Day of Conscience at the United Nations, an institution dedicated to providing a communication platform for all countries and strives to facilitate multilateral cooperation among nations. The purpose of the proclamation of the International Day of Conscience is to remind people to listen to their conscience and seek wisdom and balance through self-reflection and self-correction in order to attain inner peace. Through spreading a culture of love and peace guided by conscience to all global citizens, we hope that everyone’s conscience will become awakened and eventually the dream of world peace will become a reality.

Conscience is the innate source of all human kindness. Conscience is a compass for human beings, guiding them onto the path to harmony and truth when they face tough decisions, challenges, and difficulties.

Respect for others is the key to building mutual trust among people. Following the guidance of conscience, we learn to accept the differences among one another; subsequently, harmony can be achieved. Throughout history, we find that our present and future successes all hinge upon our hearts. The key to transforming the world lies in the culture of conscience formed by the conscience in each person’s heart. This culture, which transcends national boundaries and emphasizes impartiality and selflessness, is the salvation of the Earth and all humanity.

Now is a critical time that will shape the destiny of the Earth and all humanity. Everyone here is a leader of conscience that can lead and influence the people of the world. Every single thought you think and every single decision you make affect the world’s future. Our collective kindness and good thoughts will generate positive energy to safeguard the Earth and ensure global sustainability.

I thank you for your participation and support. A good start is essential to success. Let’s spread goodwill and positive thoughts to allow more people to join us as we practice kindness with a loving and peaceful heart every day and work together towards the Sustainable Development Goals and for the well-being of global citizens.


* Presented at the World Leader Summit of Love and Peace at the United Nations
on April 5, 2019 in Vienna, Austria.